Lab #6

Step 1: 

The reality of a Syrian refugee is an average human’s nightmare. However, they are being refused proper safety, shelter and sanity in America.

Last semester, a young, curious Syrian refuge woman came to speak to my Western Civilization class about her dreadful past in war torn Aleppo and her new and hopeful journey to Canada.

“It was the day of my first university exam. My friends and I were so nervous.We studied all night in the dark because there was no electricity in my town but we felt ready. On my way to school that morning, a bomb exploded right outside the walls of my school. This was the scene of blood, screams and death. I saw my friends die right in front of my face. But, despite everything, we still had to write the test. Since my school was located in an inhabitable zone- a war zone, it was very hard for my friends and to get around.I could not walk in my town without the fear of a snipper or bomb going off at any time.”


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